For those that aren’t familiar with extraordinary rendition, please make yourself aware of what it is and not only how unconstitutional it is, but how downright evil it is. The first line describing extraordinary rendition on Wikipedia describes it quite well:

Extraordinary rendition and irregular rendition describe the abduction and extrajudicial transfer of a person from one nation to another. “Torture by proxy” is used by some critics to describe situations in which the United States has transferred suspected terrorists to countries known to practice torture.

I don’t know about you, but putting a black bag over someone’s head, kidnapping them, and shipping them off to another country to be tortured in the name of preventing terrorism is completely disgusting. That’s right, forget about that pesky 4th Amendment, forget about a warrant being signed, forget about the fact that you may have been an American citizen minding your own business – if you don’t give up your Constitutional rights, the terrorists win!


And if you think for a moment that this couldn’t happen to you or rarely happens, think again. Since 2001, the United States has captured an estimated 3,000 people and transported them around the world for this type of brutal “interrogation” to “combat terrorism”.

So when did this brutal tactic become a policy? Most would think right after 9/11 and it was signed as an executive order by George Bush. You would be wrong. The CIA was granted permission to use extraordinary rendition by a presidential directive signed in 1995 by Bill Clinton. Bush, of course, used extraordinary rendition often to “fight terrorism”. Obama had the chance to shut down this type of behavior immediately after taking office. Instead, Obama actively allowed extraordinary rendition to continue even though one of his promises was to cease extraordinary rendition. To be quite frank – I don’t care who has decided to allow it. IT IS ILLEGAL AND IMMORAL AND NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!