I was born in Saginaw, Michigan. Soon after I was born, my parents moved to the small town of Freeland, Michigan where I grew up, went to school, and eventually started a family.

In my early years, I got my first job at the age of 11 as a paper boy. It allowed me, at an early age, to understand the value of a dollar and how to balance a budget. Later during my adult years I opened up a small business. Unfortunately, due to the hours required to operate the business combined with starting a new family, I decided to close the doors. One valuable lesson I had learned during the time I operated this small business is that I, and other small business owners, were very heavily and unfairly over-taxed.

I then went to work for a large printing company for the better part of 11 years working in various positions. I started out as a press helper and eventually worked my way up to running a printing press. For the last few years at the company, I had taken a financial and technology role in the business as a Biller/Estimator/Unix Focal Point. With the new direction the company was taking, I decided make myself more marketable in the work force by going back to college while continuing to work full time.

After obtaining my Associates in Applied Science Degree from Delta College I accepted the opportunity to work for The Dow Chemical Company. The new work schedule allowed me to continue my education and introduced me to a wonderful group of new people. Because of the moral support of my peers, my family, and my motivation to better myself for the future of my family, I was able to complete my Bachelor of Applied Science Degree and Master of Science Degree. Currently, I hold my dream job. I am an instructor sharing information and my experiences with Network Technology, Computer Information Systems, and Information Assurance students.